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Washi Tape Wednesday: How To Washi Tape A Macbook Charger

I'm introducing another new series: Washi Tape Wednesday! I'll be taking everyday objects and showing you guys how to spice them up with Washi tape. Let's be honest, Washi tape makes everything look just a little bit brighter! 

So let's get started with today's DIY, a fancy Macbook charger. You can of course, use any charger you would like to complete this project. 

Here's my boring Macbook charger. 

And here's my boring iPhone charger.

For this project you will need:

  • A charger
  • Washi tape
  • Scissors
  • A craft knife
  • Packing tape

Start by cleaning and preparing your chargers. I removed the extra cables from my both my iPhone charger and Macbook charger to make things more simple. You can leave those attached if you'd like. 

Start by wrapping pieces of Washi tape around your charger. For this project I'll be using HIART Repositionable Washi Tape and MT Washi Masking Tape. I chose to keep things simple and just use alternating colors. You do use any type of Washi tape and any layering pattern you'd like. The possibilities are endless. You're only limited to your imagination. 

Here's what mines looked like about half way through. 

Use your craft knife to cut down some of the more oddly shaped pieces. You can also use scissors for this, but I found the craft knife to be easier to work with in small areas. 

You should have something like this after you're done trimming the edges. 

Here's our charger once it's completely covered with Washi tape. 

Use packing tape to keep the edges of the Washi tape from peeling up. 

Here's are completed Macbook charger. 

And here's our completed iPhone Charger. 

I use this charger organizer to keep my charger neat and tucked away. I love it because it's pink. They have a variety of colors to chose from just in case you don't love pink as much as I do.