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Design Love Heart

I designed this image using Adobe Illustrator as a first draft of a design I wanted to use on a Mother’s Day card.  This project took me about 3 hours to complete. The inspiration for the project came from a YouTube tutorial I saw on how to create swirls in Illustrator several years ago when I first started with graphic design. I wanted to revisit swirls since I hadn’t made them in years.

Overall, I’m happy with the outcome of this project. I would like to improve the opacity and blending of the foreground and the background. I really feel like there needs to be more contrast between the colors. I would also consider making the heart shape less crowed. At first glance I liked it, but now I think it’s a bit cluttered. I’m most pleased with how clean the heart shape turned out without actually having to mask it, and I’m looking forward to incorporating more swirls in an interactive project.