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My Etsy Shop ErynRochelleDesigns Is Now Open For Business!

I’m so happy to announce that my Etsy shop ErynRochelleDesigns is officially open for business! I’ll be selling a variety of digital downloads including posters, graphic design templates, planner accessories and other digital resources. I currently have a selection of 20 unique posters designed by me, and I do accept custom orders. This is only the beginning though. I’ll be adding new products regularly, and as always, you all will be able to send in your suggestions and design requests. I will set up a section with featured designs that were suggested to me if I implement them into the shop. This way, you all can see your ideas come to life. 

The decision to open an Etsy shop has been a fleeting thought for a few years now. I’d been working on several smaller projects, and I felt I didn’t have the time to dedicate to running my own business. The past year has brought several changes in my life, and new experiences to embark upon. As many of you know, I was fitted for my prosthetic last year. I also received my beautiful guide dog, Latke who as changed my life for the better. These experiences have given me the courage to start this new journey of entrepreneurship. If I can overcome the loss of a body part, and learn how to work efficiently and effectively with my guide; I can certainly open my Etsy shop. I just needed to motivate and empower myself. Running an Etsy shop represents a major milestone that I’m ready to embrace, and hopefully share with all of you.

I love using my creativity to help, excite and inspire others. The products I offer in my shop will serve a very specific purpose: to help people be the best versions of themselves. Whether you need some daily inspiration hanging on your wall in the form of a poster, some new planner inserts to get you organized or simply a birthday card for your best friend; you’ll be able to give your best through my products. I want to make the world a happier place, and it starts one inspirational poster at a time. 

It’s important to me to provide more than a product. You can get a product from anywhere. I aim to provide a unique and customizable experience. That’s why I not only welcome your feedback, but I’m practicably begging for it! If there’s something you’d like to see in my shop, please let me know! Do you feel like I could change something, or improve on an existing product? Send me a message. You can use the comments section below, send me a message via the contact page or connect with me on any of the social media websites. Do you have a friend or family member who could use a little happiness and motivation? Send them a link to my Etsy shop! Together you and I can make the world so much brighter; one person at a time.